Monday, December 29, 2008

Babe Comic Characters

I'm so excited!!! I finally strong-armed Dan into drawing these for me. They are excellent!

Now all I have to do is stop being hungover so I can work on the comic. Down with booze.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I just spent time trying to find the directions on my One-A-Day Vitamins to see how many I need to take it each day.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Married with Christmas

My Christmas presents for my husband never work out. Last year I got him a piece of art the artist couldn't finish, a book he didn't want to read, and pajamas that chaffed his nipples.

This year, whenever I ask him what he wants he tells me "blank CDs" or "socks". Wow, exciting!

And while I'm handing him blank CDs he'll be showering me with original paintings and luxury trips.

My biggest hits for him at Christmas have been a keychain flash drive and a nose hair clipper.

It scares me to even think about topping those.

Homeless Children Cinnamon is Icky

I'm all about helping homeless children, orphans, you name it, childhood even in it's most "normal" form is excruciating, but does that mean my hot chocolate has to taste like wood?

Yesterday I bought this cinnamon from a company that donates money to homeless kids and it sucks. It tastes like I'm sucking on bark. I'm offended. Not only do homeless children deserve better, so does my hot chocolate.

Now I have to feel bad about not liking it, and guilty every I go to the store and don't buy that brand.

All in all I think this cinnamon has done more to hurt the cause of homeless children that to help it.