Sunday, October 26, 2008

Coming Soon - in November

A video to make you rethink your very sexuality.

Look Chanel 4 Less

Check out how darn similar these shoes are:

The one on left is Chanel and they go for $795.00. The one on the right is from Delia's and they go for a whole decimal point less = $79.50.

Looking good is great but looking good with money in the bank is 100% better. Remember, you can look good and save too.

Must Have Jewels

Urban Ice
These are diamonds for girls who love the glittering sidewalks of downtown, who feel the touch of the fog on their faces like soft kisses, who love even the shadow of big-city ruin that licks at the heels of their Louboutins. These are jewels for a queen with a punk rock soul.

Roberta Ann Weisenburg makes these from glass she gathered from a shattered Muni Bus Stop. I just bought one of these pieces. It is so beautiful. It takes my breath away. They are city girl prices too ($200 - $1200).

Get yours here: Urban Ice

Cutest Eating with the Mouth Open, Ever!

Carol eats treats just for your pleasure. Lord she's so giving.

New Shoe Obsession

How could I not love these shoes? They're purple, they're suede and they have gold cutout details. They're SO COOL Bowie would wear them if her were a woman, hell he'd look great in them now.

Dior, of course, sigh. Lose your soul to them at NeimanMarcus, I'm a size 6, just fyi.

ANd, how fabby would they be with this outfit, okay maybe a bit clashy but why not just go for it when you're going for pink.

Gay or Not Gay

Once again we test the claim that one can tell a man's sexual orientation by his shoes. So sad that you were WRONG last week but don't be afraid maybe you'll guess correctly this time.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gay or Not Gay - RESULTS

WRONG! You were WRONG. Our man actually loves other men in a marrying kind of way in spite of his shoe problem. So sad yet so refreshing.

Ahh that makes me feel sooooo much better. Now, scroll yee on up to the next challenge.

Once again we test the claim that one can tell a man's sexual orientation by his shoes.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Now that Kurt's Gone

Who will fight for our intellectual freedoms as the country becomes more and more ignorant and hostile towards intellectualism?

The right to learn anything we want is a basic element to our freedom and yet Americans move to restrict this right more and more every year. I have nothing against Creationists, only against their desire to keep people ignorant about other possibilities such as Evolution. The moment the knowledge to which we can be exposed is limited, we are no longer free.

Amercian Madonna

Some friends of mine were all up in arms because Madonna expressed some sort of political opinion at here concert and said they thought she shouldn't be able to do that at her concert. This disturbed me. That she has the right to publicly express her views and that we have the right to publicly be pissed about it, is the very key to Liberty American Style.

Silence one and you silence all.

Quote for the Week

"Luxury is a spit wad in the weepy eye of fear."


Look at This

LOOK AT THIS! Proof, proof I tell you, that one need not look like they just crawled out of, or are on their way too, the gutter.

Sure it helps to be 7ft tall and only 100lbs, but this dress would make a pile of dung look hot.

I Heart Blue Ice Vodka

I read about it in Watchtime magazine. A magazine about watches where Swiss guys passionately argue the smallest details of watch making and design (swoon). They also review cigars, pens, and liquors. Did I ever tell you I have this thing about pens? Well anyway. Watchtime liked Blue Ice so I tried it.

I like it! I'd drink it even if it wasn't made in Idaho, potato capital of the ole USA. Hell the way things are going we might as well buy American, no one else is. Blue Ice also sponser's SF Ballet and lord know they need the help.

The bottle is kind of ugly but it was designed by some design company in Michigan, and hey I'd MUCH rather be offended than bored.

Vodka cures what ails me. I haven't slept in years and all the medicine doctors prescribe for me gives me horrible nightmares where I'm slowly turning into hamburger, vodka is a much less conscious sleep.