Friday, May 16, 2008

SF Heat Style

When the heat hits San Francisco, two of my favorite street styles appear.

One is the woman wearing a sun dress, who looks uncomfortable, and sort of stunned, about her unusual level of public nakedness.

It makes sense. I too own a sun dress that sits in my closet waiting for the one hot day in SF., but when that day comes I just can't stand to be that physically exposed. So I leave it in the closet and wear my normal clothes which are way too hot. Which leads to my absolute favorite SF hot day style.

Look in any park or on any quarter sized tuft of grass and you'll see people lying around with their jeans rolled up into shorts and their tops bunched up into half shirts. My husband, who comes from a place with actual summers, deemed this look The San Francisco Bikini. He thinks it's dumb, "why don't they just by shorts?"

But I think it's a style we SFers should wear proudly. It's the spontaneous expression of people who feel summer heat so rarely that they'll bunch up their clothes and plop down on bum piss covered grass just to get a piece of it. That kind of gumption should only be admired.

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