Friday, October 10, 2008

I Heart Blue Ice Vodka

I read about it in Watchtime magazine. A magazine about watches where Swiss guys passionately argue the smallest details of watch making and design (swoon). They also review cigars, pens, and liquors. Did I ever tell you I have this thing about pens? Well anyway. Watchtime liked Blue Ice so I tried it.

I like it! I'd drink it even if it wasn't made in Idaho, potato capital of the ole USA. Hell the way things are going we might as well buy American, no one else is. Blue Ice also sponser's SF Ballet and lord know they need the help.

The bottle is kind of ugly but it was designed by some design company in Michigan, and hey I'd MUCH rather be offended than bored.

Vodka cures what ails me. I haven't slept in years and all the medicine doctors prescribe for me gives me horrible nightmares where I'm slowly turning into hamburger, vodka is a much less conscious sleep.

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