Friday, February 13, 2009

Dior Look for Dimes

Target has amazing prices as it is but right now they're having a sale on Isaac Mizrahi dresses and some of them look remarkably like a Dior dress. The dress below is Dior, and it sells for $2,490.00 (that's two thousand, four hundred and ninety dollars).

The dresses below are Isaac Mizrahi for Target. Both are on sale. The one on your left is $24.99 the one on your right is $9.99 (that's nine dollars and ninety nine cents).

All you'd have to do is slap some bows on the back of the straps, add a belt, maybe hem the dress a couple of inches and you've got a damn good Dior look while SAVING up to $2,480.01.

It's a no brainer, buy the Target dress and use the extra money to go to Hawaii.

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