Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Cross Dresser Test

I'm walking down the street the other day wearing my fave boots, turquoise cowboys, and I pass a guy standing at a trash can. He doesn't really look like a bum but he does look like John Waters, so I quicken my step.

As I pass he chirps "I'm married!" so I walk faster then he shouts "But I'm also a cross dresser and those are the best boots I've ever seen in my life!" I stopped in my tracks, turned around and blew him a kiss.

You know you look hot when the cross dressers appreciate your outfit. They usually had to dream about it for a long time before they could bust out and go with it. God love 'em.

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NJTomboy said...

Too funny! Hahhahahahaha!

You know - I was looking for pics of turq dressers, as I just painted one and I am trying to decided on what knobs to put on it. Your blog came up because of... well... Those fab turq boots...and of course the cross dresser.... hahahaaa

But now I am off to find out exactly who is John Waters! LOL

Take care and please keep on blogging.