Friday, April 25, 2008

New Do in View

I've always had curly hair and I've spent my life battling it. Then I saw Goldfrapp with this hairdo and I had a revelation. The time and money I waste trying to fight my natural hair is just stupid, it's time to embrace it and go for the gusto.

I'm becoming more and more anti people trying to go against their natural looks, so hell if I'm going to do it myself. It's a sad waste of nature's extravagance.

Take any man-made structure and compare it to the beauty and innovation of nature's creations. Man-made stuff fails miserably, even the most innovative and creative man-made structures are just attempts at a closer imitation of nature.

So if we wrestle our bodies into some manmade idea of what we should look like, we castrate our innate beauty. And yet that's exactly what we do, we spend our time and money trying to battle the attributes we're given by nature itself, like my friend who hides her amazing booty, or my sister blowdries the curl out of her hair every day.

I know it benefits lots of people for us to spend time and money trying to change our physical appearance and that we're under a constant marketing onslaught because of this.

But we're much stronger than that, if only because we have nature and truth on our side.

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Giselle said... hair is pretty stick straight and I used to curl it just like that. totally cute hairdo though!